Overview of Bornomala Shikkhangon

Definition of the Organization: Bornomala Shikkhangon is a Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Religious organization which was established in 2014.

Bornomala Shikkhangon is a USA based Bangla school which is registered as a Non-Profit Organization from Commonwealth of Virginia, State Corporation Commission, USA. Bornomala Shikkhangon has active Trademark Patents Mark from the United States of Patent and Trademark Office, USA and 501(c)(3) under the IRS code 509/508 as a Non-Profit Organization.

Bornomala Shikkhangon is a voluntary based Bangla school where we are promoting Bengali education and culture to the children of our community who are interested.

Bornomala Shikkhangon is running completely free and we have dedicated volunteer-Instructors who are happy to focus on Musical & Dance, Bangla Language, Math and Arts. We are providing free school stationary such as book and witting materials.
Free Snacks are also provided during the class time.

Our Mission: Promoting public awareness to the Bengali community for the language and culture of Bangladesh.

Our Vision:  To ensure that the young groups of Bangladeshi community can promote and practicing our culture, heritage and language.

History of Bornomala Shikkhangon:

Woodbridge is a city of Virginia and more than three hundred Bengali families live here but there has been no Bangla school in our community to bring fourth our culture to our children.

Program and Activities:

Learning Class:Bornomala Shikkhangon is focusing on teaching Bangla language, Math, Music, Dance, Arabic & history of the World cultural heritage to the children in our community. We have 6 dedicated volunteer instructors.

Bornomala Shikkhangon Cultural Events:Bornomala Shikkhangon students have participated in events of Bengali occasion in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Bornomala Shikkhangon is collaborating with other Bengali organization to make it a platform to promote our own culture to the community children as well as Bangladesh Embassy-Washington DC.

* Events of Bangladesh Embassy: Bornomala Shikkhangon has participated in the Bangladesh Embassy events such as Victory day, Independence Day, Embassy passport events to represents our native history and achievements.

* International Mothers Language Day(Ekush Udzapon): Bornomala Shikkhangon is a member of Washington DC Ekushey Alliance. Bornomala always has proactively participated with all students, parents and the members of the community for Ekush Udzapon.

* Events of Picnic: Bornomala Shikkhangon always have fun learning events with all students, parents and the community.

* Events of Independence’s Day(26th March): Bornomala Shikkhangon students performed in remembrance of Bangladesh Independence’s  Day.

* Events of Street Fair ( PothoMela): Bornomala Shikkhangon always takes part in the Street fair where bengali community enjoying bengali culture and ethics.Arlington Arts are always took this initiave to explore bengali heritage.

* Multicultural Program: Bornomala Shikkhangon has partaken in other Bengali and international organization such as Ektara, News Bangla, Baai, BADC, and Asian international showcase.

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